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AIR: AUG-meeting with Mike Chambers & Lee Brimelow

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Yesterday I went with some other students to Braschaat for another interesting AUG-meeting. They hosted a session about AIR, presented by Mike Chambers & Lee Brimelow. Chambers’ part was a little introduction into flex and he also talked about new technologies like Hydra and Thermo, which both seemed amazing by the way. Brimelow’s part was more AIR-related. First of all he showed us a couple of AIR examples to explain how usefull this new technology could be. He also showed us some of the cool stuff you could do with a desktop application that no other technology could output. He gave a overview of the sort of nativ window options you have in AIR. You could basically tune you’re own desktop app into any shape you want.

Getting started with AIR is something that I have on my tot do list but it is not quite that difficult to produce an AIR application, because as a developer you already have the existing web development skills in HTML, Flash, .. to create it. Lee also give a nice overview when to use Flex and when to use Flash to develop applications.

if you want to learn more about AIR you could visit some of these sites:

grtz Vile Body


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November 13, 2007 at 12:03 pm

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