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Comparing Mobile Platforms: Java ME and Adobe Flash Lite

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If you are a mobile developer, you are always being confronted with the Flash Lite vs Java discussion. You may have noticed that more devices these days are supporting Adobe Flash Lite. According to the latest figures, approximately 500 million devices in the market support some form of the Flash Lite specification. That’s not that much compared to the 1.2 billion Java ME devices that are currently available

Bruce Hopkins thought that it would be worthwhile to see the strengths and weaknesses of each platform side by side. He is comparing the latest and greatest specifications for both platforms in the following categories

Local Device Accessibility
Network Connectivity

Definately check out the whole article.

He concludes saying each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to mobile application development. Flash Lite-enabled devices are really good at displaying graphics and multimedia, which lends itself to several gaming applications. On the other hand, devices that support the Java ME MSA platform are the obvious choice when you need to communicate with Bluetooth devices, use location based services, capture audio/video, render 3D graphics, or perform any form of asynchronous communication.

To make your applications as ”rich” as possible you should try to combine both technologies. Use Flash lite to build up a stunnig visual Mobile Interface and try to use Jave ME to expand your app and provide all sorts of functionalities like Reading/Writing phone data, use Bluetooth, Camera, Contact List acces..

This should already be possible using the Jarpa Framework. Created by Felipe Andrade and Alessandro Pace, Jarpa is a free of charge software solution under terms of Apache Software License. You can make richer apps using this framework but you should know it does not work on every phone.

get a list of Compatible Jarpa Devices

I’m really looking forward using/trying/exploring Jarpa, i’m just waiting for some more source code examples in their “How To” section. If you guys should read this, can you give us some more insight on that?

A while ago Sony Ericsson, has made significant progress on bridging the gap between both platforms with its Capuchin technology, which was announced in late April: “…a Java ME API that defines a bridge between the Java ME and Adobe Flash Lite programming environments. This API makes it possible to use Flash Lite as the front end and Java ME as the back end of applications, meaning that Flash tools can be used for UI design while still having access to all the phone services available to Java ME.

Looks promising!


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June 5, 2008 at 8:22 am

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