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Using your mobile: more than just making calls and sending text messages

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” I just need a phone to make calls and send text messages, I do not need an expensive one, would not use its extra features anyway! ”

This is something I hear a lot these days and sometimes I would like to try and let them see how an expensive mobile phone can be very useful. You do not have to be a mobile expert to get more out of that little thing. I am not talking about more technical features like a 3G, GPS, Flash Lite etc.. Last week I went to madrid with my girlfriend and I used my phone a lot actually. Not in a nerdy geeky way, the last thing I wanted was acting like the mobile addict I am during my time at work. I just used my phone in a cool and enriching way, being a regular relaxed tourist enjoying his holiday!  From this point of view I would like to let other mobile users know that a more expensive phone can really enrich your life without being nerdy or difficult. Here are some things I did with my phone ( a nokia n81 )

  • Morning wake up caller
  • Checking what time it is
  • Making calls
  • Sending text messages
  • Listening to music
  • Making holiday pictures
  • Shooting little videos
  • Receiving some bluetooth promo pictures for the new Hancock movie

You notice all sort of stupid regular things everybody does with his mobile phone ( checking time, calls, text messages ) but I think the cool part is I did stuff every other tourist is doing, but all from just one device. This way I do not think my phone is that expensive anymore. A nokia n81 8gb costs about 280€ now in Belgium. I think this is not an extreme large amount of money for what you can get out of it! Let’s see:

Every tourist has an mp3 player these days, using it on the plane, bus, train, hotel… You are not getting very wild when you are buying a mp3 player with 1 gigabyte storage: Ipod shuffle 1gb: 50€

Every tourist wants to take pictures and shoot little videos to remember his beautiful hotel, location, company,… I think I can say most of the people have a decent digital camera these days: Canon PowerShot A460 (5megapixel) : 130€

I just handled three most important extra features: music, photography, video. If you buy these devices, you are not being extreme. 1gb music storage and a digital camera with 1 gb of storage is very normal I guess. Together this costs 180€. Of course you also have a cheaper phone, just to use for text messages and making calls etc. A Nokia 3110 Classic is a simple device based on ”less is more” and it is a sort of device you only use when you just want to make calls. Nokia 3110 Classic: 80€.

Before you know it you have made a 260€ cost. I passed by a Proximus store a couple days ago and a nokia n81 costs 280€.

My conclusion:

Is this really that expensive? You can do everything you are doing now, but from one device. And you have all the extra’s like a build in radio, 8gb storage in stead of the 2gig you had ( 1gb shuffle + 1gb canon ). You have bluetooth, wifi, 3G (faster internet connection), you can install cool games/applications (flash lite or java) and you can watch movies in a very acceptable way because of the big screen. All this features for just a small amount of money extra.

Even though you are not going to use them very often, it can always be handy to be able to send an receive files via bluetooth, or to make an internet connection to download a cool application ( maybe an event guide for your favourite rock festival? :) )

Either way, I hope by making this blogpost you get another feeling when you go shopping and see the price of a nokia n81 for example. Looking at the price this way, it is really not that expensive.


Written by vilebody

July 20, 2008 at 2:31 pm

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  1. This is very true! The Nokia n81 is a beautiful phone, and you can get it for even cheaper on They are going for around USD $380 or less now even though a few months ago were over $500, so now is a good time! I have had a cheap phone for several years now and have just sprung for a Treo, and am thrilled! I now have a calendar handy whenever someone asks me if I am free a certain day, I can listen to music at the gym without having to bring both my phone and mp3 player, and the screen is bigger, and I whip out the camera feature all the time when my daughter is doing something cute, and I wouldn’t otherwise have caught that moment because I don’t bring my camera with me everywhere. It is worth the investment!


    July 21, 2008 at 5:33 pm

  2. Thomas, thanks for this post dude!

    It’s an excellent one which I will use many times in my conversations :-)



    July 24, 2008 at 12:13 pm

  3. I’m agreeing with a lot of this stuff,
    now i own an iphone 1st gen myself, i also use it all the time, take pictures ( the cam is only a 2.0mp, but in daylight its not so bad ), listen to music ( it has the excellent ipod capability ), calling and sending sms messages to my friends .. also can’t complain there.. oh and when i’m lost i check my maps or if i have to search something on the net i just grab my phone and browse for it.

    altough that being said, i only hear you talking about the positive side about such great mobile phones (eg: iphone, nokia n95 / n81, ..)
    there are a couple of negative pointers.

    and my biggest issue is the battery life.. (and not only because i forget it alot but .. ) if you go to a festival or take a couple of days trip without any comfort(yes i go camping from time to time :)), you still want to capture pictures, you still want to receive calls or sms messages and you stil want to listen to music (occasionally) I’m not saying that when you buy all those things separately you can extend your playtime with all those things dramatically much .. but when i do all those things with my iphone i can assure you that my battery runs out in 1 day .. not very handy if you don’t have the possibility to charge your phone. especially that people are being able to contact you is a big concern of mine.

    although that being said, i like my iphone and his capabilities as I’m sure you like your n81 for the same reasons as i do ;).
    good thing that you pointed this out, especially the price comparison.. but i think that have to wait a couple of more years for these devices really can hit the market, and i think that the battery life is the biggest bottleneck to overcome.

    just my 2c story :)

    Andy Jacobs

    July 24, 2008 at 6:11 pm

  4. @andy:
    the batterylife sure can be a problem and I hope that in the future we can use our mobile device for days in stead of hours..

    A short battery lift is still a problem though and it surely is a negative pointer. But I must conclude that having to deal with the short battery life is less annoying for me than carrying all those devices seperately! But I am sure that will change in the near future!


    July 24, 2008 at 9:50 pm

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