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The Wim Vanhenden Challenge

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As some of you already knew, Boulevart is selected as an award finalist for Max Milan. An interesting contest is going on at our offices though. Our colleague Wim Vanhenden promised to let us cut of his hair if we win the award! Another reason to vote for us I guess!

A direct link to enter your vote:

Here is already a good taste of how Wim would look like if we win!


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November 28, 2008 at 12:31 pm

Adobe Max Milan Award Finalist!

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Last week I received an email from Adobe bringing me the wonderful news that our Rock Werchter Mobile Guide was selected as an Award Finalist entry for the Adobe Max Milan 2008 Awards in the ”Develop” category. We are very honoured to be one of the finalists and are happy to see the work we did together with Barefoot is getting a lot of attention and recognition. To give you an idea: the youtube video showcasing our werchter mobile guide running onto the iphone is already been watched more than a 128.000 times! We would like to thank Adobe for this great opportunity and Barefoot for working together on this cool and innovative project. Having Barefoot and their mind-blowing technology as our partner is awesome and we are proud we got this far together, as a team.

In the mobile space technology is not everything, you need users’ dynamics knowledge, attention to detail and last but not least creativity and inspiration to create compelling applications that are both comprehensive and good looking. When Barefoot had to choose a partner to exploit its graphical technology, Boulevart was a natural choice and a great fit!

Emanuele Cipolloni – CTO Barefoot

Visit the Max Awards Finalists gallery and feel free to give us your vote, it would be very much appreciated! I am attending the award show as well as the entire conference so if you want to say hi or just buy me a beer, let me know you’re coming :) Just leave a comment or send an email and we’ll get in touch.

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November 24, 2008 at 9:51 am

Adobe Max Milan – Shoot Em Up

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For Adobe MAX Milan 2008, Boulevart has developed a fun mobile game. Download and install the application in order to win fantastic prizes. All you have to do is shooting Adobe icons falling from the sky. At the Max Milan Event, the top ranked players will be handed out an award. This will happen on Sunday evening the 30th of november. Play the game and you might end up with a brand new Flash CS4 edition or one of the 2 Photoshop Elements 7 editions that Adobe is giving away! Every player has a chance to win a FITC Toronto ticket as well so it is worth trying! You can find more info about the game at our Max Milan Shooter Game Page.

Check out the video below in order to get a sneak peak of the gameplay.

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November 17, 2008 at 11:11 am

1 year of blogging

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Today it’s been a whole year since I posted my very first ”Hello World”. One year of blogging that comes to 57 posts (or an average of about 1.1 posts a week) and 249 comments/trackbacks. In the beginning I had a monthly average of 2000 visitors increasing every month to 8000 last october! Those who followed my blog will have noticed not only my stats were evolving, some exciting stuff happened for me as well. I finished my multimedia bachelor and graduated. I got myself involved in the Flash Lite scene doing cool community projects for FITC Amsterdam08, FITC Toronto08, 2M08 and SOTR. I started working for Boulevart where I have the opportunity to do other flash lite projects like Werchter Mobile. Together with Barefoot we ported this guide to the iphone, which was quite historical because it was the first iphone application that came out based on flash technology. ( And no it was not a flash player on the iphone, we ported flash technology to run native on the iphone! You have no idea how many times I used this phrase :) ) There are some other cool mobile projects coming on, but I have to keep my mouth shut for now. Stay tuned for the coming weeks because some of them will be released soon but I can already give you a little hint: one of the projects I was working on the last few weeks has something to do with an upcoming event in Milan… hmm now what event could that be? :)

I think it is also a good time to ask for some feedback on those who come here every once and a while. Feel free to talk about what you like about this blog, where there’s room for improvement, whatever your thoughts are, feedback is always very much appreciated.

Stay tuned for another upcoming year of blogging!

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November 7, 2008 at 9:05 am

FITC Amsterdam09 – Optimizing your Flash Lite content

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After the sold out success of FITC Amsterdam 2008 they’re back! FITC will treat Amsterdam with another cool conference in february 09. The first speakers are already confirmed on the website and I am proud to announce I will be one of them. My session is called ” optimizing your Flash Lite content ” and is focussing on tips and tricks in order push beyond the boundaries of a mobile device, in stead of giving up on it.

Everybody agrees mobile will be the medium of the future. A modern cell phone no longer acts as only a phone. It is a multimedia device allowing you to do so much more. We are checking emails, listening to music, taking pictures. We watch and record videos, manage our personal calendar… We see more and more Rich Mobile Applications being developed using Flash Lite and this inspires other developers to get started as well. Unfortunately a lot of them still give up quickly after facing the same problem: how the hell do we get our content running smoothly on such a limited device?

In this session Thomas Joos will present a series of best practices in order to optimize your Flash Lite content. From how to streamline memory management and cpu performance to optimizing a mobile interface, Thomas will provide explanation and code examples that will assist you in getting started with Flash Lite and learn how to push beyond the boundaries of a mobile device in stead of giving up on it.

It’s amazing how fast things develop, last year I attended FITC Amsterdam08 as a multimedia student together with some class mates. It was a blast and we had a lot of fun, got to know people, got inspired and learned a lot. This year I am doing a session myself and I would like to use this occasion to thank everyone who invested in my learning process for the past year. My multimedia teachers Koen De Wegheleire & Tom Vandezande, who introduced me to Boulevart and assured them I had the right profile to do my internship there. Of course Boulevart itself, giving me the opportunity to specialize in Flash Lite development. My colleagues Wim Vanhenden & Raf Vervink who were always willing to help or assist me with all the actionscript 2 issues I had. And at last, maybe a bit cliché but definately worth mentioning, my parents and girlfriend who supported me through my studies and the late night working, which resulted in a busy schedule and a minimal amount of free time.

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November 2, 2008 at 1:13 pm