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A call for feedback

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My previous post focussed on Clo’s presentation with some tips in order to get the most out of your blog. My main reason for blogging is trying to reach other online/mobile minded people and try to interest and inspire them. I like sharing my professional thoughts and documenting my journey. In order to stand out in the blogosphere I’m calling for feedback. Don’t give me your famous eyeroll, you don’t need to fill in a form or anything :)  If you feel like sharing your thoughts on this blog, don’t hesisate submitting a comment. Please let me know where you think there is room for improvement. If you like it here just the way it is you can drop me a line also. I appreciate any kind of feedback and I like to get a more detailed view of who ends up here every once and a while. If any of my articles, thoughts or work inspired you in any way, I would be happy to know!

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January 30, 2009 at 9:10 am

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Standing out in the blogosphere

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Last week, Clo Willaerts, Marketing Manager at Sanoma Magazines and organizer of Brussels Girl Geek Dinners did a presentation on “Standing out in the blogosphere”. A very relevant topic for everybody who sees himself as an active blogger. We all may have various reasons, we like to see our blog being read and followed, no?  Using her twitter timeline Clo got a lot of input and feedback in order to create “10 free tips”. It was nice to see my input used in her slides. If you want to maintain a quality blog you should not wait any longer and check them out.

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January 27, 2009 at 8:02 pm


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Why? This seems to be the only question going on here in my neighbourhood. On last Friday a guy who lived 500 meters from my house decided to take his bike and cycled 15 kilometers towards Dendermonde. He stopped at a local baby daycare center and let himself in via an open door at the side of the building. He immediately ran into a social worker and stabbed the lady with a knife. She died as a result of her injuries. He quickly entered 2 sleeping areas and started stabbing several babies. He ran into 2 other social workers, got into a fight but managed to get out. It did not take long for total chaos and panic at the daycare center, where parents were running around looking for their babies, not knowing if they were still alive. Luckaly the police managed to arrest this guy quickly and later that day they told us that according to the notes he was carrying, this 20year old male was planning on attacking another daycare center. By the time of his arrest 2 of the babies already died, the others were and are still fighting. For those who would like to be informed a bit more here is a link to a more detailed version. ( I used a cnn source because in English it would be more accessible for my readers ).

‘The Joker’

It appeared that this man had turned his face into something that is similar to ‘The Joker’. White face, black circles around the eyes, ..  Altough the police is not officially responding on any of these insinuations, the english press and media quickly titled this killer as ‘The Joker’. He was also wearing a bulletfree coat and was carrying an axe and a fake gun in his backpack. After being arrested he refused to speak, eat and drink. All he seems to do is smile back at everything. I think even ‘freak’ or ‘maniac’ does not even come close to the killer’s profile.

‘ A call for support and compassion ‘

Today there was a peaceful act of support going on at Dendermonde, where more than over 8000 people got together, showing their support and respect to everybody who is involved in this horrible accident. A lot of children, families and all sorts of organisations came together trying to find an answer. Why? Why would someone dress up like a wicked killer and decide to go kill the weakest an most innocent of us all: sleeping babies. Nobody has a clue what will happen now, but there is going to be a lot of commotion, that’s for sure.

Even though I don’t know any of the victim’s personally, I feel really ackward knowing something like is happening for real. When terrible news from Iraq, Congo, Gaza,..  is on the news we tend to look away. But then there is a day when horror strikes us just beside our bed in stead of far from, and we find our world being twisted upside down. The last few hours i’m constanly thinking why we find it amusing seeing horror in movies without questioning: what if what I see here happens for real? Should we be more prepared for horror? It’s not like it does not happen, we just tend to look away untill we absolutely can’t.

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January 25, 2009 at 8:17 pm

FITC Amsterdam almost sold out!

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We’re only 45 days away from this cool event, and according to Shawn its going to be a GREAT ONE! Tickets are moving fast, the parties are starting to come together and the schedule is up and running! They are almost close to being old out so if you have friends, co-workers or other cool people you know who’d like to come over you might let them know to hurry up!

I’ll be doing a session on Flash Lite optimization and I seem to be facing some tough competition with Serge Jesper’s Flash Catalyst session. Nevertheless I’m really looking forward to it. If you are attending and wan’t to have talk or drink just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and we’ll catch up in Amsterdam!

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January 15, 2009 at 10:18 am

Is Flash Lite failing?

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A few days ago I picked up an interesting twitter discussion (including Aral Balkan, Peter Elst and Scott Janousek) talking about Flash Lite failures. It got me thinking: is Flash Lite failing or not? Should we focus more on other technologies in the future or just keep believing in ourselfes, Adobe, the openscreen project, … Because a new year always brings up reviews, comparisons and expectations I thought it would be a good time to summarize my personal experiences and thoughts on Flash Lite.

Things I like about Flash Lite

  • As a Flash Developer starting with Flash Lite feels comfortable as you are working in the same development environment.
  • Using my basic actionscript 2 knowlegde Flash Lite allows me to quickly create rich mobile experiences.
  • Flash Lite let’s you easily build a good looking UI and application navigation.
  • I like working together with other CS3 tools in order to optimize the entire project flow ( photoshop/illustrator ) or tools to help you code ( eclipse/fdt ).
  • There are a lot of good documents to help you get started with Flash Lite, guiding you through all the main topics ( syntax, memory management, cpu performance, interface design ).
  • Although write once/run everwhere is a bit unrealistic, Flash Lite allows you to write your application logic and re-use it for other platforms that support Flash Lite.
  • Flash Lite does a good job at scaling which comes in handy in a world full of different screen sizes.
  • Developing in Flash Lite does not mean I can’t get any help from other Flash Developers. Even though my colleagues at Boulevart are not that into Flash Lite, I can always ask them for help as they are familiar with the platform, objected oriented programming in actionscript, using services, … their flash/actionscript experience does make big difference!
  • We all know the Flash community is always eager to help. I never had problems contacting Adobe Mobile Evangelists asking for their advice. Same goes for Mobile Community Experts/Leaders.

Things I don’t like about Flash Lite

  • Flash Lite offers limited interaction with the device. No direct File acces/download/upload, no direct communication with contacts, calendar, agenda, camera, bluetooth, … I know nokia just released some services for s605th edition devices allowing the Flash Lite player to do a lot more but as cool as it is, it just supports s605th edition Nokia phones.. Not a large set of devices.
  • Flash Lite does not always performs smooth because of no ( or at least very little ) hardware acceleration.
  • Packaging Flash Lite content is not easy. Providing a good user experience means providing installers. Because Flash Lite runs on different platforms you need a unique installer for each platform. There are a few good tools to help you with that but I still don’t feel comfortable dealing with packaging.
  • Distributing and monetizing your Flash Lite content is hard, especially compared to Apple’s Appstore. Adobe is working on an AppZone in order to centralize their content as well, but for now I’m still jealous of Apple’s Appstore system. Easy to distribute, easy to earn money.
  • There are still a lot of devices which are not Flash Lite enabled, especially compared to JavaME.

Things I’m thinking of

  • I hope when the AppZone officially launches  it quickly covers a lot of areas so we can all distribute our applications and see them downloaded/installed and payed for.
  • I hope Adobe releases their mobile packager soon so we can easily package our applications into sis, nfl, cab, .. I saw Mark showcase it at Milan and it looked promising!
  • I hope the open screen project makes other companies follow Nokia’s example and provide services that can be used from within Flash Lite in order to create richer and more interactive mobile experiences
  • I hope Adobe ( and not only their Mobile Team ) keeps supporting Flash Lite developers/companies by helping them promoting their content. Adobe’s Max Awards is a great initiative and a fantastic experience but recently we won an award and after that I did not really heared much from Adobe besides from Mark who congratulated us. I did not even receive a max award winner badge to put on our blog, which surprised me frankly.
  • I hope the redistributable player helps updating flash lite enabled devices resulting in a higher Fl3 adoption
  • I can’t wait to create flash player 10 content for mobile devices. Really looking forward to it!

So, is Flash Lite failing or not?

When it comes to a mobile development environment I don’t think Flash Lite is failing. Although interaction with the device is limited, Flash Lite allows you to quickly create rich mobile applications providing a good looking and intuitive UI. There is always room for improvement but with a little bit of inspiration and creativity you quickly find yourself creating cool mobile content. Then comes the hard part: who is capable of using your application and how the hell is he going to find it, let’s say even pay for it? No AppZone yet, still a lot of devices not having a Flash Lite player and different platform support ( which I think basically is a good thing ) ends up with packaging/distribution problems. I think we all agree that Flash Lite’s distribution system and the lack of good monetizing opportunities are the biggest issues.  I really hope Aral is wrong saying Adobe “missed the ship”. There is a lot going on with the open screen project and I really believe this will open up several opportunities in order to create a better flash mobile experience, for developers and for the end-users. I am looking forward hearing more on the Adobe AppZone and the effect of the redistributable player.

For a Flash Lite developer, there is no way to earn money like an iphone developer can but I’d like to end with a quote from Matt Politt:

It is not easy monitizing your Flash Lite content, but it does not mean it is impossible. You just have to know where to look ;)

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January 8, 2009 at 10:03 am

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