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Why? This seems to be the only question going on here in my neighbourhood. On last Friday a guy who lived 500 meters from my house decided to take his bike and cycled 15 kilometers towards Dendermonde. He stopped at a local baby daycare center and let himself in via an open door at the side of the building. He immediately ran into a social worker and stabbed the lady with a knife. She died as a result of her injuries. He quickly entered 2 sleeping areas and started stabbing several babies. He ran into 2 other social workers, got into a fight but managed to get out. It did not take long for total chaos and panic at the daycare center, where parents were running around looking for their babies, not knowing if they were still alive. Luckaly the police managed to arrest this guy quickly and later that day they told us that according to the notes he was carrying, this 20year old male was planning on attacking another daycare center. By the time of his arrest 2 of the babies already died, the others were and are still fighting. For those who would like to be informed a bit more here is a link to a more detailed version. ( I used a cnn source because in English it would be more accessible for my readers ).

‘The Joker’

It appeared that this man had turned his face into something that is similar to ‘The Joker’. White face, black circles around the eyes, ..  Altough the police is not officially responding on any of these insinuations, the english press and media quickly titled this killer as ‘The Joker’. He was also wearing a bulletfree coat and was carrying an axe and a fake gun in his backpack. After being arrested he refused to speak, eat and drink. All he seems to do is smile back at everything. I think even ‘freak’ or ‘maniac’ does not even come close to the killer’s profile.

‘ A call for support and compassion ‘

Today there was a peaceful act of support going on at Dendermonde, where more than over 8000 people got together, showing their support and respect to everybody who is involved in this horrible accident. A lot of children, families and all sorts of organisations came together trying to find an answer. Why? Why would someone dress up like a wicked killer and decide to go kill the weakest an most innocent of us all: sleeping babies. Nobody has a clue what will happen now, but there is going to be a lot of commotion, that’s for sure.

Even though I don’t know any of the victim’s personally, I feel really ackward knowing something like is happening for real. When terrible news from Iraq, Congo, Gaza,..  is on the news we tend to look away. But then there is a day when horror strikes us just beside our bed in stead of far from, and we find our world being twisted upside down. The last few hours i’m constanly thinking why we find it amusing seeing horror in movies without questioning: what if what I see here happens for real? Should we be more prepared for horror? It’s not like it does not happen, we just tend to look away untill we absolutely can’t.


Written by vilebody

January 25, 2009 at 8:17 pm

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