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Flash Lite Optimization

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Last week I attended FITC Amsterdam09 giving a session on Flash Lite optimization. Although I had some tough competition there were more people in my session than I expected. Thanks everybody for showing up after a wonderful party at the FITC boat! ( yes with open bar and everything ). For those who missed the session I uploaded my slides so feel free to have look! I had good feedback on this ‘first-timer’ and I hope to be doing this more often, starting with a session at the ‘Mobile Madness’ – event hosted by the Adobe Usergroup Netherlands on the 11th of March. Feel free to drop me a comment or send me an e-mail if you are attending as well!


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February 26, 2009 at 10:51 am

Follow more active Flash on Mobile guys on twitter

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This afternoon Serge Jespers published a list of Adobeans on twitter. I was surprised to see that not a single Adobe mobile related person or product is on Twitter!  I attended Max Milan in December and Adobe announced more mobile focus in 2009. With recent MWC announcements regarding the distributable player and the openscreen funding, they were not just telling stories. I like to follow more active Flash on Mobile guys on twitter so I decided to make up a list of people I already follow. Feel free to add other active Flash Mobile people in the comments so we can have more mobile discussion opportunities on twitter!

Alessandro Pace :
Scott Janousek :
Bill Perry :
Kumar Vivek :
Weyert De Boer :
Faisal Iqbal :
Dale Rankine :
Mariam Dholkawala :
Luca Mezzalira :
Marco Casario :
Mathieu Deraeve :

And of course you can always follow me:


James Eberhardt :
Anthony Onumonu :
Liz Meyers :
David Williamson:
Mark Doherty :
Ugur Kaner :
Felipe Andrade :
Darren Osadchuk :
Kirk Ballou :
Marcos González :
Olof Bendt :
Niklas Wolkert :
Mike Stead :
Matt Politt :
mills™ :
Peter Moelker :

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February 18, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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Adobe funding and supporting Flash Lite developers

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The Open Screen Fund
The Open Screen Project Fund is a $10 million market development fund that will provide grants to developers in order to accelerate the creation of apps, content and services that leverage the Adobe Flash Platform and run across mobile, desktop and consumer electronics devices.

Developers around the world are invited to submit their ideas. Proposals will be reviewed by an Open Screen Project Fund steering committee. They are seeking applications that work across devices, and showcase the key features of Flash Lite, Flash Player and AIR. While the apps do not have to run across all three screens (desktop, mobile and CE devices), at a minimum a mobile version is required. Additional criteria can be found in the FAQ on the website.

You can apply here.

Flash Lite Developer’s Challenge

Adobe also announced a Flash Lite Developer Challenge, with entrants competing for a chance to win cash prizes (15.000$ for every winner), software and distribution deals with leading aggregators.

Head on over to to find out more. Definately worth giving a try if you find the time ( or convince your boss you are THAT good ;) )

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February 17, 2009 at 8:50 am

Adobe released the Flash Lite Distributable player

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Adobe seems on a roll with some exciting new releases and initiatives for Flash on Mobile developers. The Flash Lite Distributable Player finally made it into Adobe’s labs. This solution allows Flash Lite developers to:

  • target the latest version of the Flash Lite player (3.1), leveraging the content-triggered download model people are familiar with on the web, but for standalone applications.
  • reach millions of open OS smart phones through direct-to-consumer distribution, new off-deck aggregator partners (GetJar, Thumbplay and Zed), or existing distribution channels.

Every upside has a downside though, the player is currently only available in US, UK, India, Spain and Italy. Of course you can download and install a beta version from Adobe Labs, but let’s hope other countries follow quickly. There’s more information here on how to get started creating, packaging and distributing Flash Lite 3.1 applications.

Next to the distributable player, Adobe launched with some featured mobile applications available for download. The featured applications currently on the site include:

  • Adobe Mobile World Congress “Concierge”
  • Tower Bloxx
  • Bone Comics
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Finetune
  • Nespresso
  • Disney Digicomics
  • Zed Catalogue
  • and more localised content for some regions

I’m patiently waiting to here more news regarding the AppZone. The Distributable Player is a good start but the distribution system for Flash Mobile content is far from perfect!

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February 17, 2009 at 8:44 am

MobileYouth report 2009

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February 16, 2009 at 8:10 am

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Interviewed by WebDesigner

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In WebDesigner’s 13th edition I got published with an interview as a result of the Max Award we won in Milan. In the ‘Behind The Scenes’ section I’m talking about Flash and the iPhone, Boulevart and my vision on mobile in general. I’m very proud to represent Boulevart in one of the most cutting-edge multimedia magazines in the Netherlands!



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February 11, 2009 at 11:20 am

Boulevart on a road trip!

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[crossposted from labs.boulevart]

Last week, Luc, Wim and Thomas went on a business trip to Berlin and Luxemburg. Nothing to be really that excited about. A few guys flying to Germany to have some meetings, what about that? Well, they did not really flew over there actually. No, they also didn’t traveled by train or by car. As real mobile nerds they used a mobilehome!

It was Luc who came up with the idea. “ Would it not be great to use a mobilehome to get there? Driving, eating, sleeping and working together in a big car… what’s not to like?” Because Wim and Thomas were affraid to get some serious beating from Luc, they smiled and gave him the big thumbs up! Luc arranged everything and last Wednesday they picked up the mobilehome and off they were. If you thought Wim would immediately buy a six pack and get himself comfortable… you’re quite wrong! Wim was not feeling very well. (we think by loosing his hair he picks up a cold very easy ) so they bought some basic food supplies and started driving towards Berlin.

With a stop every once and a while they moved on quickly and after an 8 hour ride they arrived in Berlin. As real truck-drivers they managed to find the way without any problems. Feeling quite hungry this Boulevart trio started looking for a place to eat and after a short walk they arrived at a place called “Alex”. Before entering Wim quickly gave the others some extra advise: “Whatever you do, don’t mention the war!”

After a lovely steak, some beers and a cuba libre they started looking for their little version of the four seasons. Thanks to Luc, who seemed to be a walking gps device, they were quickly on the road again, looking for the first parking in order to get some sleep. Quite handy you might think, sleeping in a mobile home. You can see for yourself how comfortable it was.

A good night sleep and a healthy breakfast later, they drove to the centre of Berlin. They parked somewhere in the suburbs and with a taxi they drove to Alexander Platz, still having some time to prepare the meeting. A drink and a good lunch while finetuning the presentation killed the extra time. After a nice meeting they were planning on attending the Berlin Filmfestival but there was no time for that. The mobilehome’rs needed to be in Luxemburg the day after. Thomas was very dissapointed missing Katie Holmes but he understood time was running out.

After riding all night, in serveral shifts, the trio arrived at Luxemburg where they had a quick breakfast and another meeting. After that they first visited our partners at Cronos Luxemburg, before heading back to Belgium. If you think using a mobilehome does not have a downside.. By the time Wim got over his cough, Luc managed to get one as well and at the time of writing he is still staying sick at home.

Get better soon man!

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February 9, 2009 at 3:47 pm

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