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Boulevart on a road trip!

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Last week, Luc, Wim and Thomas went on a business trip to Berlin and Luxemburg. Nothing to be really that excited about. A few guys flying to Germany to have some meetings, what about that? Well, they did not really flew over there actually. No, they also didn’t traveled by train or by car. As real mobile nerds they used a mobilehome!

It was Luc who came up with the idea. “ Would it not be great to use a mobilehome to get there? Driving, eating, sleeping and working together in a big car… what’s not to like?” Because Wim and Thomas were affraid to get some serious beating from Luc, they smiled and gave him the big thumbs up! Luc arranged everything and last Wednesday they picked up the mobilehome and off they were. If you thought Wim would immediately buy a six pack and get himself comfortable… you’re quite wrong! Wim was not feeling very well. (we think by loosing his hair he picks up a cold very easy ) so they bought some basic food supplies and started driving towards Berlin.

With a stop every once and a while they moved on quickly and after an 8 hour ride they arrived in Berlin. As real truck-drivers they managed to find the way without any problems. Feeling quite hungry this Boulevart trio started looking for a place to eat and after a short walk they arrived at a place called “Alex”. Before entering Wim quickly gave the others some extra advise: “Whatever you do, don’t mention the war!”

After a lovely steak, some beers and a cuba libre they started looking for their little version of the four seasons. Thanks to Luc, who seemed to be a walking gps device, they were quickly on the road again, looking for the first parking in order to get some sleep. Quite handy you might think, sleeping in a mobile home. You can see for yourself how comfortable it was.

A good night sleep and a healthy breakfast later, they drove to the centre of Berlin. They parked somewhere in the suburbs and with a taxi they drove to Alexander Platz, still having some time to prepare the meeting. A drink and a good lunch while finetuning the presentation killed the extra time. After a nice meeting they were planning on attending the Berlin Filmfestival but there was no time for that. The mobilehome’rs needed to be in Luxemburg the day after. Thomas was very dissapointed missing Katie Holmes but he understood time was running out.

After riding all night, in serveral shifts, the trio arrived at Luxemburg where they had a quick breakfast and another meeting. After that they first visited our partners at Cronos Luxemburg, before heading back to Belgium. If you think using a mobilehome does not have a downside.. By the time Wim got over his cough, Luc managed to get one as well and at the time of writing he is still staying sick at home.

Get better soon man!


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February 9, 2009 at 3:47 pm

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