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My thoughts on the new iPhone 3G s [ Part 1. ]

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This week Apple announced it’s new iPhone at the wwdc09 conference. Called ‘ iPhone 3G s’ Apple introduces the 3 version of the iPhone, which comes with OS3. If you are interested in watching the entire keynote, go check it out here. For those who are only interested in the new iPhone 3G s features: take a look at Apple’s Guided Tour:

iPhone OS3

Besides it’s updated SDK which allows developers over more than 1000 new api’s ( let’s not go into that for christ sake ) the new iPhone OS3 comes with a bunch of new features, all created to upgrade the iPhone experience. Let’s go over a few of my personal favourites:

Finally it has arrived, I can’t tell you how much I wanted to send photos and contacts with my iPhone! In the demo they showed of the new cut, copy and paste features, which allows you to cut, copy and paste text and images from everywhere! Browsing a website, selecting text and images and copy this into a new e-mail.. it has never been so easy. I wonder if you can copy and paste it into an MMS as well, but I would be surprised if this would not be possible. I also wonder if we can immediately save images from inside the Safari browser, but I’m affraid this is a no go. Quick work around would be copy and paste it into an email which is sended out to yourself. Then you can save the attachement right to your Library.

Improved Itunes
From now on it is possible to use iTunes not only as a musical shop. Offering the latest movies, which are for sale and also for rent, Apple improves the video experience on the iPhone. For just a few dollars I will stop waisting time on converting movies, just rent a movie and enjoy your flight! I wonder how long a rented movie is available on your iPhone though, but I asume it will be a 5 till 7 day limit.

Thanks to a built-in digital compass, google maps application can point the way. With a single tap you see in wich direction you are currently facing. No more problems finding out which way you should start your walk or drive.

Video support
I was very surprised that this feature was not implemented from the start, but along with the upgraded 3 mega pixel camera, iPhone 3G s users can now easily shoot video’s, edit them on the fly and share them on youtube or via mms with a single click. One word: finally!

This is a feature I really like. With an iPhone 3G s you can share it’s internet connection with a laptop or pc, via usb or bluetooth. Perfect for people who are on the road a lot. Sometimes you just want a desktop experience. Just be easy on this feature if you are traveling, your roaming data plan might kill you.

2x faster
According to the latest benchmarks the iPhone 3G s performs 2x better as the previous iPhones. You might understand now for what the ‘s’ is standing. Lovely to see how quickly an application is launched. The browsing experience is also taken to a whole new level. The new Safari 4 performs a lot faster and better and it’s just amazing to see how quickly a site is launched.

That was it for Part 1, have an eye on my blog because Part 2 will be published soon! Feel free to share your thoughts on the iPhone 3G s or the keynote in general by leaving a comment.


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June 10, 2009 at 8:29 pm

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  1. Only sad part is that in most European countries you aren’t able to buy movies or tv shows. I think only in the UK, Germany at least not in Holland or Belgium.

    Maybe good reason for Apple to get that fixed ;)


    June 10, 2009 at 8:41 pm

  2. Saving images from Safari is already possible. Just touch the image you want to save, and hold for a a moment. The pop up menu will open, allowing you to save it ;)

    About the new iPhone: I’m not really impressed. 5MP camera is missing. Still no way of changing the battery yourself, no frontside camera… I don’t see a whole of reasons why I would want to buy the new one.

    2 reasons (Nike+ & 32GB) are not enough to make me buy one :p


    June 10, 2009 at 8:51 pm

  3. @weyert: let’s send them an angry email! we want to rent a movie!

    @Ea.Z: Thanks for the Safari tip, was not aware of that. I also would like to see a 5mp camera, but with the new auto contrast and focus feature it seems like the pictures are very decent though! I agree that if you already have an iPhone upgrading for 200$ might be an issue, but with the new sdk features I think we will see amazing apps coming out.. so that might want to change your mind after all :)

    Let’s wait and see!


    June 10, 2009 at 9:44 pm

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  6. I’m also a developer. I’ve been working with the 2.0 touch framework. Not yet installed the 3.0 framework. Once this project is finished I will update it and start working on some new stuff.

    Great article btw.

    James Jeffery

    June 25, 2009 at 7:37 pm

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