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Interviewed by WebDesigner

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In WebDesigner’s 13th edition I got published with an interview as a result of the Max Award we won in Milan. In the ‘Behind The Scenes’ section I’m talking about Flash and the iPhone, Boulevart and my vision on mobile in general. I’m very proud to represent Boulevart in one of the most cutting-edge multimedia magazines in the Netherlands!




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February 11, 2009 at 11:20 am

Interviewed by DutchCowboys

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After receiving a max award for Rock Werchter Mobile I did an interview for DutchCowboys. Patrick Petersen asked me some questions about Boulevart, our submission and my vision on the future of flash on mobile. The BelgianCowboys picked it up as well. I think this is officially the first time I did something like this :)  Check out the video below but please note that it is in Dutch.

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December 8, 2008 at 12:18 pm

The Wim Vanhenden Challenge: Live at Boulevart

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Today I woke up very excited: we were finally cutting off Wim’s hair as a result of the Max Award we won in Milan! Because a lot of people were very excited to be a part of this iniative we decided to set up a livestream using Wim’s motto still is ” Nerds UNITE ” so we kinda had to no? Feel free to experience one of the most exciting moments at our Boulevart offices:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We noticed a lot of people shouting live comments and for those who missed the show here is a summary of the funniest comments made ( I translated some of the funny dutch comments )

  1. Wim is soooo getting divorced now :D – Serge Jespers
  2. wim 2.0 has born – Erlend Debast
  3. Would this be a good time to tell Wim the voting was rigged? :D – Serge Jespers
  4. Lambiek! – Owen
  5. mariah doesn’t like bald guys – BFourneau
  6. Wim Burrows – MStichel
  7. It seems like he becomes smaller  :) РKris Meeusen
  8. @Kris It will be a 10cm difference! – Bart
  9. Next time we should go for a tattoo! – Christophe Herreman
  10. Event of the year! – Bert Hagendoorn

Thanks everybody for the support, the votes and the live comments!

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December 5, 2008 at 10:58 am

Boulevart wins Adobe 2008 MAX Europe Award

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Last sunday I got on the plane to Milan in order to attend Adobe Max Milan 2008, together with my colleagues Wim and Wannes and with Dimitri ( co-manager adobe usergroup and former classmate ). We were representing Boulevart as one of the Max Award Finalists in the develop category. As the only mobile entry that made it into the european finals we were already very proud of how far we got, together with our partner Barefoot.

The Wim Vanhenden Challenge

Sunday evening we announced the winners of our Shootemup contest, during the Adobe Usergroup Meeting that was hosted in our Hotel. I also informed the ( surprisingly large ) audience about the Wim Vanhenden Challenge that was going on at the Boulevart offices. Wim’s initiative to let us cut off his long rockstar hair if we won the award, resulted in a lot more than just a wild promise. A before and after picture was created, a facebook group was set up, the blogging started and a complete email campaign got orchestrated. That’s what I call working as a Boulevart Group!

We would like to thank everybody who voted for us and are very honoured to be part of such an active and open-minded community. If they were not laughing at Wim they were sending emails to their colleagues at home, asking them to vote for Boulevart. We really appreciate that guys!

Meet the finalistsimg_0030

On Monday we had the opportunity to showcase our mobile entry at the Adobe Community Lounge. We got a booth of our own where people could have a talk, drink or just take a look at our Rock Werchter guide running on the iphone. It was nice to meet the other finalists, have a talk with community members and of course enjoying an adobe sponsored meal! Well actually, Adobe was providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for all attendees, together with hot and cold drinks. No need to run out of energy at Max!

The 2008 Max Award Show

On Tuesday evening it finally began. After going to the rehearsal, Boulevart was ready for the Max Award Show. Having no clue who was going to win we were getting more and more excited & curious. It was definately on our mind this could turn out into Wim’s last moments as a long-haired rockstar. What happened then was probably the most amazing and exciting moment in my career so far. Check out the video to be part of it:

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December 4, 2008 at 3:34 pm

The Wim Vanhenden Challenge

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As some of you already knew, Boulevart is selected as an award finalist for Max Milan. An interesting contest is going on at our offices though. Our colleague Wim Vanhenden promised to let us cut of his hair if we win the award! Another reason to vote for us I guess!

A direct link to enter your vote:

Here is already a good taste of how Wim would look like if we win!

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November 28, 2008 at 12:31 pm

Adobe Max Milan Award Finalist!

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Last week I received an email from Adobe bringing me the wonderful news that our Rock Werchter Mobile Guide was selected as an Award Finalist entry for the Adobe Max Milan 2008 Awards in the ”Develop” category. We are very honoured to be one of the finalists and are happy to see the work we did together with Barefoot is getting a lot of attention and recognition. To give you an idea: the youtube video showcasing our werchter mobile guide running onto the iphone is already been watched more than a 128.000 times! We would like to thank Adobe for this great opportunity and Barefoot for working together on this cool and innovative project. Having Barefoot and their mind-blowing technology as our partner is awesome and we are proud we got this far together, as a team.

In the mobile space technology is not everything, you need users’ dynamics knowledge, attention to detail and last but not least creativity and inspiration to create compelling applications that are both comprehensive and good looking. When Barefoot had to choose a partner to exploit its graphical technology, Boulevart was a natural choice and a great fit!

Emanuele Cipolloni – CTO Barefoot

Visit the Max Awards Finalists gallery and feel free to give us your vote, it would be very much appreciated! I am attending the award show as well as the entire conference so if you want to say hi or just buy me a beer, let me know you’re coming :) Just leave a comment or send an email and we’ll get in touch.

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November 24, 2008 at 9:51 am

Adobe Max Milan – Shoot Em Up

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For Adobe MAX Milan 2008, Boulevart has developed a fun mobile game. Download and install the application in order to win fantastic prizes. All you have to do is shooting Adobe icons falling from the sky. At the Max Milan Event, the top ranked players will be handed out an award. This will happen on Sunday evening the 30th of november. Play the game and you might end up with a brand new Flash CS4 edition or one of the 2 Photoshop Elements 7 editions that Adobe is giving away! Every player has a chance to win a FITC Toronto ticket as well so it is worth trying! You can find more info about the game at our Max Milan Shooter Game Page.

Check out the video below in order to get a sneak peak of the gameplay.

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November 17, 2008 at 11:11 am