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Mobile Madness report

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The Adobe Usergroup posted a report of the latest mobile madness meeting. Feel free to check out the official review (thanks to frankwatching) or have a look at the recorded video material. You’ll find my session there as well, next to other interesting topics. I did not really saw a way to embed the video¬† ( maybe i’m getting more and more blind? ) so I just pasted a little screenshot below.

Mobile Madness


Written by vilebody

March 25, 2009 at 6:25 pm

From concept to development

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Yesterday I gave a session at the Mobile Madness Event, hosted by the Adobe Usergroup Netherlands. My session, which was titled ‘from concept to development’ focussed on everything that happens before we start programming our mobile application here at Boulevart. Attendees got an inside look on how we prepare, create and finetune a mobile concept, how important a good application flow and user profile is etc.. I really had a great time in Amsterdam, big thumbs up for the AUG Netherlands for organizing such a quality Usergroup meeting. There were over 300 registrations which resulted in the biggest AUG Meeting ever in the Netherlands! For the first time there was live interaction with the audience, having 2 big screens streaming twitter, flickr and sms feeds coming from the attendees, which resulted in live interaction, reporting and immediate feedback, super cool! I was second in line after Serge and I hope I manged to inspire you to get started with that killer mobile application! I uploaded my slides for those who missed the session or want to have a second look at them :) Feel free to give me any kind of feedback, just drop me a note in the comments or send me an e-mail.

Written by vilebody

March 12, 2009 at 8:49 am

Mobile Madness – 11/03 @ Amsterdam

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On the 11th of March, the Adobe Usergroup Netherlands is organizing another meeting in Amsterdam called ‘Mobile Madness’. This month’s edition is, as you probably figured out yourself, totally focussed on mobile. I am giving a session, talking about everything that happens before we start developing a mobile application. I will give you an inside look on how we prepare, create and finetune a mobile concept, application flow, interface design etc.. in order to start coding and have a good ( and worked out ) idea of where we are going!

The meeting is hosted on 11/03 at Pakhuis Willem de Zwijger – Piet Heinkade 179 @Amsterdam, starting at 12.30. If you are attending feel free to drop a note in the comments :)

See you there!

Written by vilebody

March 2, 2009 at 7:39 am