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My thoughts on the new iPhone 3G s [ Part 2. ]

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Last week Apple announced it’s new iPhone at the wwdc09 conference. In My thoughts on the new iPhone 3G s [ Part 1. ] I already gave you an insight on my thoughts of the iPhone 3G s OS3 and it’s updated features. Besides that, Apple also updated it’s SDK with more then 1000 new API’s which will allow iPhone developers to take their stunning application to a new level..

… there is an app for that!

Like the video below already mentions, there are tons of cool iPhone applications that are worth trying and add a big value to the experience. With the new API’s users will be spoiled even more it seems, according to a few demo’s Apple already showcased at the wwdc09 keynote.

Tom Tom GPS application

One of my favourite announcements is the TomTom iPhone application which will turn your brand new iPhone into a full and capable GPS device, giving you all the features a TomTom device has to offer. Route directions, maps, voice directions, .. There is even a handy car kit allowing you to use the application in landscape or portrait, recharge the battery while driving and play your ipod music over the stereo. This all is possible thanks to the new hardware API’s that are implemented in the updated sdk. Really amazing and a big value in my opinion. Not sure how much it will cost but definately worth keeping an eye on!

Bring on the kickass games

With the iPhone 3G s offering a far more better performance, existing games now load 2x faster. With the new sdk graphics API’s, games will even look more stunning than before, making the iPhone the best mobile phone to play high quality games. Where other phones take you back to your nintendo gameboy memories, the iPhone combines a good performance with stunning 3D graphics. One of the new announcements is the ability to implement in-game payments. This offers users the possibility to buy new levels and keep on gaming. A powerful way of making more money out of gaming. I really hope this does not result in games where you can only keep on having a decent experience after buying, buying, .. and buying. It sounds to me that a lot of game developers or companies will try to make the most out of it, trying to create addicted gamers to earn money from.

Notify me?

With the new notifications api, developers are now able to implement reminders or other notifications in their applications. Just like receiving an sms, the iPhone OS3 allows your application to fire off alerts. A very powerful feature that will increase the quality of certain apps heavily! The only thing I am affraid of is the spam-effect we might experience. Apps that fire notifications we do not want to get for instance. Let’s hope developers are not allowed to use this as an advertisement model because that could result in a reason to throw your iPhone trough the window.

Application promotion

Apple proudly announced that there are already over 50.000 applications submitted into the appstore. An amazing number but let’s be honest.. what a mess! They have not discussed or announced a better promotion model. It is a pain in the ass getting your application in a top 20 list, and once get in, you have to keep pushing yourself to stay there. Once you fall out of the list your application gets lost in ‘iphone space’. There is only a little percentage of iPhone developers or companies making real money ( a living ) out of the appstore. Altough it is a very big succes ( for both parties ) compared to other mobile platforms, I was hoping Apple would announce something that helps developers promote their application or optimize the rating system or something. With the new sdk API’s I think we will reach the 100.000 limit very soon, but there has to be a clear overview! There is still some (very difficult) work to do, regarding this topic.

What do you think?

Together with the first part of my thoughts on the iPhone, I hopefully did a decent job updating you on how I see things. Feel free to drop a comment to let me know what you think of the new announcements. Would you buy a new iPhone 3G s?

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June 15, 2009 at 11:09 am

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My thoughts on the new iPhone 3G s [ Part 1. ]

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This week Apple announced it’s new iPhone at the wwdc09 conference. Called ‘ iPhone 3G s’ Apple introduces the 3 version of the iPhone, which comes with OS3. If you are interested in watching the entire keynote, go check it out here. For those who are only interested in the new iPhone 3G s features: take a look at Apple’s Guided Tour:

iPhone OS3

Besides it’s updated SDK which allows developers over more than 1000 new api’s ( let’s not go into that for christ sake ) the new iPhone OS3 comes with a bunch of new features, all created to upgrade the iPhone experience. Let’s go over a few of my personal favourites:

Finally it has arrived, I can’t tell you how much I wanted to send photos and contacts with my iPhone! In the demo they showed of the new cut, copy and paste features, which allows you to cut, copy and paste text and images from everywhere! Browsing a website, selecting text and images and copy this into a new e-mail.. it has never been so easy. I wonder if you can copy and paste it into an MMS as well, but I would be surprised if this would not be possible. I also wonder if we can immediately save images from inside the Safari browser, but I’m affraid this is a no go. Quick work around would be copy and paste it into an email which is sended out to yourself. Then you can save the attachement right to your Library.

Improved Itunes
From now on it is possible to use iTunes not only as a musical shop. Offering the latest movies, which are for sale and also for rent, Apple improves the video experience on the iPhone. For just a few dollars I will stop waisting time on converting movies, just rent a movie and enjoy your flight! I wonder how long a rented movie is available on your iPhone though, but I asume it will be a 5 till 7 day limit.

Thanks to a built-in digital compass, google maps application can point the way. With a single tap you see in wich direction you are currently facing. No more problems finding out which way you should start your walk or drive.

Video support
I was very surprised that this feature was not implemented from the start, but along with the upgraded 3 mega pixel camera, iPhone 3G s users can now easily shoot video’s, edit them on the fly and share them on youtube or via mms with a single click. One word: finally!

This is a feature I really like. With an iPhone 3G s you can share it’s internet connection with a laptop or pc, via usb or bluetooth. Perfect for people who are on the road a lot. Sometimes you just want a desktop experience. Just be easy on this feature if you are traveling, your roaming data plan might kill you.

2x faster
According to the latest benchmarks the iPhone 3G s performs 2x better as the previous iPhones. You might understand now for what the ‘s’ is standing. Lovely to see how quickly an application is launched. The browsing experience is also taken to a whole new level. The new Safari 4 performs a lot faster and better and it’s just amazing to see how quickly a site is launched.

That was it for Part 1, have an eye on my blog because Part 2 will be published soon! Feel free to share your thoughts on the iPhone 3G s or the keynote in general by leaving a comment.

Written by vilebody

June 10, 2009 at 8:29 pm

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