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New Boulevart Blog online!

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afbeelding-61The last couple of weeks I have spent some time together with my colleague Erlend. Not just to have some beers, too bad, but to prepare Boulevart’s new online communication platform. Erlend did a wonderful job doing the design and together we discussed the structure, what type of articles should be on the new blog, why people should come and have a look around. This week we decided to go live, feel free to dive in to a brand new Boulevart experience at As you might notice it does not really act as ‘just a blog’ and that’s why we like to give it the more fancy ‘online communication platform’ title.

I already prepared 2 articles but it might be a good idea to just start at the beginning: in ‘the bigger picture’ you’ll find everything you need to know about the new blog, what it stands for, why we will be spending time on it and so on..

The bigger picture
No need to panic, labs.boulevart is not dead. We will keep encouraging our developers to share their technological expertise, covering Flash, Flex, Air, Mobile, HTML&CSS, php, .NET, … So what’s this new blog about then? On a regular base we will provide quality articles giving you front-row seats in our visions and beliefs. Next to that we’re also focussing on the latest and newest cases, you’ll get a glance at the final result and find out the ins and outs directly from those who designed, developed and managed it. Via our blog you’ll get a closer look at Boulevart: see what happens behind our scenes and how we experience everything that’s going on here.


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April 7, 2009 at 7:23 am

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Maybe I should consider working for theFWA because a while after I blogged about my colleague Wim’s new experimental portfolio, it got included in worlds most famous webgallery: Congratulations Wim, it does not happen much that an individual works up his way into the ‘website of the day’. Keep it up! If you missed the experimental experience, no need to panic:

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March 26, 2009 at 12:19 pm

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Mobile Madness report

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The Adobe Usergroup posted a report of the latest mobile madness meeting. Feel free to check out the official review (thanks to frankwatching) or have a look at the recorded video material. You’ll find my session there as well, next to other interesting topics. I did not really saw a way to embed the video  ( maybe i’m getting more and more blind? ) so I just pasted a little screenshot below.

Mobile Madness

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March 25, 2009 at 6:25 pm

From concept to development

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Yesterday I gave a session at the Mobile Madness Event, hosted by the Adobe Usergroup Netherlands. My session, which was titled ‘from concept to development’ focussed on everything that happens before we start programming our mobile application here at Boulevart. Attendees got an inside look on how we prepare, create and finetune a mobile concept, how important a good application flow and user profile is etc.. I really had a great time in Amsterdam, big thumbs up for the AUG Netherlands for organizing such a quality Usergroup meeting. There were over 300 registrations which resulted in the biggest AUG Meeting ever in the Netherlands! For the first time there was live interaction with the audience, having 2 big screens streaming twitter, flickr and sms feeds coming from the attendees, which resulted in live interaction, reporting and immediate feedback, super cool! I was second in line after Serge and I hope I manged to inspire you to get started with that killer mobile application! I uploaded my slides for those who missed the session or want to have a second look at them :) Feel free to give me any kind of feedback, just drop me a note in the comments or send me an e-mail.

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March 12, 2009 at 8:49 am

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You don’t see them very often these days ( or at least i’m missing them ) but my colleague Wim Vanhenden released his personal website this week and to be honest: it is a little bit experimental. Hmm, let me rephrase that last sentence: it is totally experimental. Take a look around at and let this Belgian internet artist know who your favourite band is and what you are thinking to let him take you on a journey. I know Wim put a lot of effort in this website and I really like the result. It has been a long time since I came across a personal portfolio that was focussing more on art and experience than on content only.


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March 6, 2009 at 12:59 pm

Interviewed by WebDesigner

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In WebDesigner’s 13th edition I got published with an interview as a result of the Max Award we won in Milan. In the ‘Behind The Scenes’ section I’m talking about Flash and the iPhone, Boulevart and my vision on mobile in general. I’m very proud to represent Boulevart in one of the most cutting-edge multimedia magazines in the Netherlands!



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February 11, 2009 at 11:20 am

Boulevart on a road trip!

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[crossposted from labs.boulevart]

Last week, Luc, Wim and Thomas went on a business trip to Berlin and Luxemburg. Nothing to be really that excited about. A few guys flying to Germany to have some meetings, what about that? Well, they did not really flew over there actually. No, they also didn’t traveled by train or by car. As real mobile nerds they used a mobilehome!

It was Luc who came up with the idea. “ Would it not be great to use a mobilehome to get there? Driving, eating, sleeping and working together in a big car… what’s not to like?” Because Wim and Thomas were affraid to get some serious beating from Luc, they smiled and gave him the big thumbs up! Luc arranged everything and last Wednesday they picked up the mobilehome and off they were. If you thought Wim would immediately buy a six pack and get himself comfortable… you’re quite wrong! Wim was not feeling very well. (we think by loosing his hair he picks up a cold very easy ) so they bought some basic food supplies and started driving towards Berlin.

With a stop every once and a while they moved on quickly and after an 8 hour ride they arrived in Berlin. As real truck-drivers they managed to find the way without any problems. Feeling quite hungry this Boulevart trio started looking for a place to eat and after a short walk they arrived at a place called “Alex”. Before entering Wim quickly gave the others some extra advise: “Whatever you do, don’t mention the war!”

After a lovely steak, some beers and a cuba libre they started looking for their little version of the four seasons. Thanks to Luc, who seemed to be a walking gps device, they were quickly on the road again, looking for the first parking in order to get some sleep. Quite handy you might think, sleeping in a mobile home. You can see for yourself how comfortable it was.

A good night sleep and a healthy breakfast later, they drove to the centre of Berlin. They parked somewhere in the suburbs and with a taxi they drove to Alexander Platz, still having some time to prepare the meeting. A drink and a good lunch while finetuning the presentation killed the extra time. After a nice meeting they were planning on attending the Berlin Filmfestival but there was no time for that. The mobilehome’rs needed to be in Luxemburg the day after. Thomas was very dissapointed missing Katie Holmes but he understood time was running out.

After riding all night, in serveral shifts, the trio arrived at Luxemburg where they had a quick breakfast and another meeting. After that they first visited our partners at Cronos Luxemburg, before heading back to Belgium. If you think using a mobilehome does not have a downside.. By the time Wim got over his cough, Luc managed to get one as well and at the time of writing he is still staying sick at home.

Get better soon man!

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February 9, 2009 at 3:47 pm

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