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Playr 2.0: an AS3 Music Management Engine

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Playr is a Flash Actionscript 3 class built to take the heavy lifting off your hands when building any kind of music player appliction in Flash, Flex or AIR. Yesterday Ronny released an update on his blog and it all looks very promising! Ronny has put up a dedicated site for Playr where all of the information, code examples, downloads are gathered. Almost a year ago, I started playing with the first version of Playr. I was working on a RIA project for school called ”Interlude”.

The main goal of Interlude was to provide an flex/air based mp3 player which offered you a user friendly music management tool. For the beta version, I was planning to implement  a smart playlist generator,  using the api and a cool personal mood feature. Via Interlude looked for similar artists and generated a playlist filled with matches from your own music collection. The mood feature allows users to create their own personal moods. This can go from ”music@work”, ”workout music” to ”sex music” and allows them to tag their mp3 files. Whenever they feel like creating a playlist based on what mood they are in, this feature allows them to quickly generate an optimized playlist.

This all sounds very cool but I never had the chance to finish it. I just did not had the time to work out the first beta version, and as some of you might know, in the beginning of the second semester I started my internship @ Boulevart and from that point things went very fast. Any way, the good news is that my colleague Maarten (flex developer) fell immediately in love when I showcased Interlude at the office. He decided to bring it back to life so we will be announcing the first beta version of Interlude soon. Here are already a few screenshots from the first designs.


There still is a lot of work to do, and I think Maarten will kick my ass if he sees the standard components, but hey its a start no? :) We will be using Ronny’s Playr class in this project as well. If you want to stay tuned on Interlude and if you are interested in beta testing send me an email at thomas.joos[at]


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December 18, 2008 at 9:55 am

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CrazyCam V2.1: Pictures and Movies

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A while ago, Maarten Cox ( Flex developer at Boulevart ) released his first version of CrazyCam. A flex/air application bringing photobooth features for windows users. Being donwloaded over a 1000 times at the Adobe Market Place it was quite a succes. Maarten worked hard on an update and here it is. Some of the biggest improvement are a new interface design and the ability to not only take pictures but shoot video’s as well! CrazyCam V2.1 also offers an implemented gallery where you can watch your pictures and video’s inside the application itself.

The new version can be downloaded from the Adobe MarketPlace. You can find more info on Maarten’s blog or at labs.boulevart.

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December 10, 2008 at 3:48 pm

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Flex: Flash cs3 Integration Kit!

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Flex Flex Flex..

With the release of Flex 3 it seems like there is no other way to create Rich Internet Apps with Flex instead of any other tool. Everywhere we look/read we here people talk/write about how wonderfull Flex is.. Flex has some major advantages when you want to start developing a RIA: Code Hinting, Auto Completion, easily create your own components, an advanced DataGrid component, better performance, improvements in data loading / binding and streaming…

But there are some limitations when you start developing in flex. The one that bothers me the most is that it is difficult and very time consuming to go from a photoshop design for your application to a flex project. And yes we are all waiting for the adobe Thermo release but at the moment we are still waiting. And waiting is not an option so here is a temporary solution: Flash cs3 Integration Kit!

The Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 allows you to create interactive, animated content in Flash, and use it in Flex as a Flex component. This alpha version was built for Flex 2.0.1. When you have Flex 3 SDK installed, you already have the component kit. Just go to your flex3 Frameworks folder and you will find the mxp file there.. you just have to double click it to install. For those who are working with a previous version of Flex, you can download the Integration Kit here.

You can watch a presentation at to learn more about the component kit. It includes the steps required to prepare your Flash content for Flex, and examples of various interaction possibilities…

I hope this could be a usefull and time saving process while waiting untill Thermo arrives. My regards to Dietlev with helping me finding a temporary solution

Written by vilebody

December 19, 2007 at 11:41 pm

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