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Follow more active Flash on Mobile guys on twitter

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This afternoon Serge Jespers published a list of Adobeans on twitter. I was surprised to see that not a single Adobe mobile related person or product is on Twitter!  I attended Max Milan in December and Adobe announced more mobile focus in 2009. With recent MWC announcements regarding the distributable player and the openscreen funding, they were not just telling stories. I like to follow more active Flash on Mobile guys on twitter so I decided to make up a list of people I already follow. Feel free to add other active Flash Mobile people in the comments so we can have more mobile discussion opportunities on twitter!

Alessandro Pace :
Scott Janousek :
Bill Perry :
Kumar Vivek :
Weyert De Boer :
Faisal Iqbal :
Dale Rankine :
Mariam Dholkawala :
Luca Mezzalira :
Marco Casario :
Mathieu Deraeve :

And of course you can always follow me:


James Eberhardt :
Anthony Onumonu :
Liz Meyers :
David Williamson:
Mark Doherty :
Ugur Kaner :
Felipe Andrade :
Darren Osadchuk :
Kirk Ballou :
Marcos González :
Olof Bendt :
Niklas Wolkert :
Mike Stead :
Matt Politt :
mills™ :
Peter Moelker :


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February 18, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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