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New Boulevart Blog online!

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afbeelding-61The last couple of weeks I have spent some time together with my colleague Erlend. Not just to have some beers, too bad, but to prepare Boulevart’s new online communication platform. Erlend did a wonderful job doing the design and together we discussed the structure, what type of articles should be on the new blog, why people should come and have a look around. This week we decided to go live, feel free to dive in to a brand new Boulevart experience at As you might notice it does not really act as ‘just a blog’ and that’s why we like to give it the more fancy ‘online communication platform’ title.

I already prepared 2 articles but it might be a good idea to just start at the beginning: in ‘the bigger picture’ you’ll find everything you need to know about the new blog, what it stands for, why we will be spending time on it and so on..

The bigger picture
No need to panic, labs.boulevart is not dead. We will keep encouraging our developers to share their technological expertise, covering Flash, Flex, Air, Mobile, HTML&CSS, php, .NET, … So what’s this new blog about then? On a regular base we will provide quality articles giving you front-row seats in our visions and beliefs. Next to that we’re also focussing on the latest and newest cases, you’ll get a glance at the final result and find out the ins and outs directly from those who designed, developed and managed it. Via our blog you’ll get a closer look at Boulevart: see what happens behind our scenes and how we experience everything that’s going on here.


Written by vilebody

April 7, 2009 at 7:23 am

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  1. […] been away for 10 days on a snowboard trip, had a lot of fun btw, and I have been working on the new Boulevart Blog together with my colleague Erlend. This resulted in a minimal amount of free time and forgive me […]

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