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Featured in latest DZone with a Flash lite article

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It has been awfully quit around here the last couple of weeks. I’ve been away for 10 days on a snowboard trip, had a lot of fun btw, and I have been working on the new Boulevart Blog together with my colleague Erlend. This resulted in a minimal amount of free time and forgive me for doing other things than blogging to :) Nevertheless, I thought it would be cool to inform you that during my talk in Amsterdam a while ago, I was interviewed by Hans Frederiks from DZone. Together with Serge Jespers and Lee Brimelow from Adobe, I talked about Flash Lite, the iPhone and mobile in general. I even agreed doing a little photoshoot as you can see in the picture. I still have some work to do if I want to get as tough as Serge but who does not?



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April 29, 2009 at 10:42 am

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Interviewed by WebDesigner

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In WebDesigner’s 13th edition I got published with an interview as a result of the Max Award we won in Milan. In the ‘Behind The Scenes’ section I’m talking about Flash and the iPhone, Boulevart and my vision on mobile in general. I’m very proud to represent Boulevart in one of the most cutting-edge multimedia magazines in the Netherlands!



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February 11, 2009 at 11:20 am

FITC Amsterdam09 goes Mobile

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Today, FITC has send out a press release in order to inform all attendees that there is a whole range of mobile FITC Amsterdam content available. As some of you know, I kinda have my share in this one:

Toronto, Canada [January x, 2009] — Adobe Max Award08 winner Boulevart is busy putting the final touches on a mobile content package for FITC Amsterdam, a two-day event focused on the art and craft of Interactive design and technology. This is the second year for FITC Amsterdam, which takes place February 22 – 24, 2009 at the Felix Meritis European Centre for Arts and Sciences. The Boulevart team includes Mobile Consultant and Flash® Lite™ expert Thomas Joos, a graduate of the Technical University of West-Flanders.

“Thomas is on the cutting-edge of rich media for mobile and typifies the kind of sharp, young creative minds that make our events a success,” says Shawn Pucknell, Founder and Executive Producer of FITC Amsterdam.

Beginning today, FITC Amsterdam attendees can download mobile screensavers, wallpapers, and a 2009 event guide at All content was developed by Boulevart using Adobe® Flash® Lite™, a powerful runtime engine for mobile and consumer electronics devices.


You can download the entire press release here. Go and check out and if you are attending make sure you don’t miss FITC’s mobile boat this year!

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February 5, 2009 at 2:53 pm

Standing out in the blogosphere

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Last week, Clo Willaerts, Marketing Manager at Sanoma Magazines and organizer of Brussels Girl Geek Dinners did a presentation on “Standing out in the blogosphere”. A very relevant topic for everybody who sees himself as an active blogger. We all may have various reasons, we like to see our blog being read and followed, no?  Using her twitter timeline Clo got a lot of input and feedback in order to create “10 free tips”. It was nice to see my input used in her slides. If you want to maintain a quality blog you should not wait any longer and check them out.

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January 27, 2009 at 8:02 pm

Mobile Vikings: A new Belgian Operator

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About a week ago CityLive released a new initiative: Mobile Vikings, a Belgian mobile operator offering free mobile internet!

Everybody has the right to have drinkable water, energie and education. We think having free acces to information and digital information is also a right everybody should have.

– Mobile Vikings


CityLive is thinking big, the Mobile Vikings initiative is part of something more!

1) Mobile Vikings: free mobile data

At first they will start with providing free mobile internet acces (1gb). On top of that they offer acceptable sms and call rates ( € 0,24 / MIN  | € 0,10 / SMS ). For a 15€ card you even get 1000 free text messages.

2) Mobile Social Networking: Lifeline

To stay in touch with your friends and family you need to now what they are doing. LifeLine is a mobile service that will provide facebook, myspace, twitter & wordpress functionalities on your mobile phone. This service will launch at 1/02/09.

3) Interaction with the world around you

CityLive is also preparing a set of tools and services for local organisations, hotels, restaurants, bars, … Using these tools these organisations are able to create mobile services at the right time, focussing on the right type of user profiles. Transaction management, mobile payment and even a doctor’s appointment are a examples of mobile services that can be created!

If you are interested and want to know more you can always go check out the homepage! If you want to be a mobile viking you need to request an acces code or you can send me an email because I have 10 invites left. First come, first serve: thomas.joos[@]

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December 26, 2008 at 9:22 am

The BMW Winter Tyres MMS campaign earned 45 million (!!) in additional business

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Via my colleague Erlend I came across this amazing BMW mobile marketing campaign in Germany. The BMW Winter Tyres MMS campaign earned 45 million (!!) in additional business. This tiny messaging campaign was not organized by a pornographer, or a crazy tones subscription provider, nor a phony voting scam on TV, nor some outrageously addictive social networking phenomenon. It was that ultimate driving machine company from Bayern, called BMW. The BWM Winter Tyres campaign is an excellent example of excellence in mobile marketing and advertising.

The campaign went out to only those BMW new-car buyers who bought their Beemer in the summer season in Germany. Out of all cars sold in 2007, BMW sold 117,000 to private citizens in the summer period (anyone who bought a BMW as part of a fleet, would have bulk buyers for their winter tyres). They decided to send out 117.000 MMS picture messages to all their customers, in order to inform them BMW was having a Winter Tyres action. It cost them approximately a total airtime of 60.000 US dollars. According to Ajit Jaokar, who did a nice analysis of the mathematics and economics of the campaign the BMW campaign received a 30% conversion rate (ie people actually showed up in a store, and made a purchase) which is an amazing number (internet advertising gets an average of 5% click-through rates..)

The cost of a set of winter tyres is 700 dollars, and average cost of tyres plus rims 2,500 dollars. According to the analysis, the average customer would spend approx 1,300 dollars. Multiplied by 30% of 117.000, this means that 35.000 customers ( who received the MMS message ) appeared at a registered BMW dealer and bought tyres and/or rims for their new cars.

Total earned by BMW out of this campaign = 45,500,000 million dollars. Comparing this to the total airtime cost of 60.000 dollars this means the following: The return of investment per single MMS ad transmitted was 758 dollars. Should we start questioning running television campaigns that cost millions and newspaper and magazine ad campaigns that run hundreds of thousands, with no way to measure their effect? Is this a win-win situation? BMW did a good job earning 45 million by a tiny MMS campaign and the customers who received an mms are feeling less spammed or bothered, they are being approached in a far more personal way and in this case they actually need this information! This campaign seems like a perfect match for both sides, no?

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December 16, 2008 at 11:18 am

Interviewed by DutchCowboys

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After receiving a max award for Rock Werchter Mobile I did an interview for DutchCowboys. Patrick Petersen asked me some questions about Boulevart, our submission and my vision on the future of flash on mobile. The BelgianCowboys picked it up as well. I think this is officially the first time I did something like this :)  Check out the video below but please note that it is in Dutch.

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December 8, 2008 at 12:18 pm